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To book an interpreter for face-to-face interpreting either at your office or at any other venues:


Contact us by phone or email with the following information: your name/organization/case reference/case matter, the date, time and location of the assignment and the language/dialect required, (and the gender of the interpreter required if this is important).


We will allocate an interpreter to the assignment and send you a confirmation of the booking by email or fax and also alert you by text if you wish. We will also provide a Verbatim Interpreters' Timesheet for the assignment. When you have finished, fill in and sign the Timesheet and hand a copy to the interpreter. If you are new to working with interpreters, when you are planning the length of an appointment, may we point out that it is a good idea to remember to allow roughly twice as much time as you might for an English only conversation. If you wish to re-book the interpreter, please give our office a call or email so we can co-ordinate and confirm the re-booking, as this avoids later misunderstandings or confusion.


All services supplied by Verbatim Interpreters are subject to our Terms and Conditions unless agreed and confirmed otherwise in writing.

 If you want to know more about our services and current rates, or want to book a service, please contact Julian or Helen.

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